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Artery Media Project - Archives Screening

Wednesday May 29th 7:30pm-10pm

8pm - Screening Start Time

The Artery Media Project - Archives Screening

Hosted by The Artery

Location: Brasil 2604 Dunlavy St. Houston Tx

Free / Public Event

HOUSTON - The Artery was a unique cultural venue in Houston from 1987 to 2013. More than 2,000 artists and presenters performed at over 400 events throughout its operations. The Artery revealed the true nature of art through poetry, dance, music, visual art and much more.

Now the vast video Artery Archives, featuring local and touring artists, will soon be available on the Municipal Channel through a partnership with Houston Television and the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs.


Brasil   |  2604 Dunlavy St. Houston, TX 77006|  713.528.1993