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Flatland Gallery - Eternal 30: Victoria Keddie, Emilý Æyer

Friday, September 20: Victoria Keddie (NYC), Emilý Æyer

Victoria Keddie (b.1980) is an artist working in varying media and broadcast. Keddie’s work explores electromagnetic systems, media ecologies, and the machinic body.

For this evening's performance, Keddie will be performing modular sound with software tracking space junk with projected playback of the space junk in live composition.

Keddie has performed and exhibited internationally at venues and festivals such as, The Barbican, Fridman Gallery, The Swiss Institute, Pioneer Works,The Kitchen, Museum of Moving Image, The Museum of Art and Design, Queens Museum of Art, Microscope Gallery, and Anthology Film Archives (NYC), Human Resources (Los Angeles), Lightcone, (Paris), Syros International Film Festival (Syros, Greece), Studio XX (Montreal), LOOP Festival (Barcelona), Pallas Projects (Dublin), Reykjavik Arts Festival (Reykjavik), General Public (Berlin), Axis Art Centre (Crew), The Independent Film Festival (Naples), Liste Art Fair (Basel), Seeing Sound Festival (Bath), and Daimon (Gatineau).

"I am an artist working within cross disciplines. My work and research focuses on the electromagnetic systems, media ecologies, and the machinic body. For over 7 years, I have been the Co-Director of E.S.P. TV, a 501(C)3 nomadic TV studio, and episodic cable access serial, that hybridizes technologies to realize synthetic environments and deconstruct the televisual for live performance. In academia, I was working to preserve radio and sound collections and became fascinated with the varying technologies that embody the 20th- 21st centuries-questioning obsolescence, researching technology trash, and looking at global communication systems and the hierarchy of broadcast- in-use. What happens in the world, is very much at the foundation of what I exercise in my own work methodology- to break down, peel back, and to explore further.

My work looks through lens and into the cameras operative mechanics, right back into the transmission of signal to receiver. My sound based compositions focus on electromagnetic energies and signal collapse. Together, I explore the tools built for broadcasting, allowing tools to mirror practice. This reflexivity allows new methodologies to manifest, where the language embedded in these machines move with a kind of inner logic. The orbiting debris in its material afterlife is separated from its initial purpose, place, function, and material form. Now independent from their histories, I can explore this world, interpret, imagine, and communicate."

Local artist Emilý Æyer will open the evening.

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