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ClassicalRevHOU + Poetry Release Party

This Rev is a particularly exciting one - it is also a celebration of the release of the second edition of Marcel Wormsley's poetry collection, “In Search of Moonlit Crevices”! In addition to the usual music there will be live readings of excerpts, art by the book's illustrators Olena Zavakevych and Elena Reznikova, and books available for purchase. You can order this book online, but Marcel will be here to sign your copy - don't miss this opportunity!

The Rev is free and open to all people, so bring your friends and enjoy some great music, company, drinks, and eats! This is also a family-friendly event, so don't call the babysitter - kids are our best fans! If you'd like to play, bring your instrument and your favorite sheet music, and a music stand and stand lights if you have them. If you don't have sheet music but would like to play something you know, send a message Zelda Faith Music ahead of time and she will try to get it. RSVP HERE

Later Event: January 29
Basquiat, Free Film Night at Brasil

Brasil   |  2604 Dunlavy St. Houston, TX 77006|  713.528.1993